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How to Create Magnetic Offers to Attract Your Soul Clients.

Hi! Welcome to my corner on the internet. I’m thrilled you’re here!

My name is Denise Da Costa, I’m a business coach on a mission to help women solopreneurs become client magnets without complicated sales funnel, expensive ads, and strategies that feel unauthentic.

Let’s get real!

There are no guarantees that those expensive and complicated automatization strategies will bring you clients. Luckily there are easier, cheaper and more effective ways to get your soul clients knocking your door.

It’s time to stop wasting your time and money on ads that get you nowhere and to do this the magnetipreneur way.

All you need is irresistible offers and a magnetic online presence.

Let me show you how!

I want to create irresistible offers

A 8-week group coaching program designed for women solopreneurs ready to make their service-based business profitable.

I’m ready to put myself out there

A 90-day coaching program to help you create and implement a visibility plan that feels good so you can be consistent, show up every day, and attract dream clients with ease.

“Now I KNOW exactly how to run my business online, rather it just being a bunch of ideas that I “need to do”. It’s a huge confidence booster.

Before working with Denise I had no online presence and no plan for how to begin. I only knew all the work that needed to be done and I didn’t think I had enough content to follow through.

As a result of working with Denise, now I have a clear plan and a clear direction for the blogs I will write and the videos that will repurpose the content. That makes me feel amazingly good! It’s no longer just a mountain of work that needs to be done; I know exactly what I’ll do and how I’ll do it.

I would recommend Denise’s program to entrepreneurs who want to have a greater online presence, know the things they need to do and the platforms they will use, but can’t see all the middle steps they need to take to reach the goal.”

Erica Lampley, Owner and Graphic Designer at

Stevie Schafer“Before working with Denise I was overworked, tired, and stressed.

Denise helped me package my services, and as a result I’ve managed to gain clarity around my offerings, focusing in on key elements and doing fewer custom jobs.

I would recommend Denise’s program to any woman in business who is lacking clarity around some key elements of her business such as packaging or systems. Denise is warm and full of totally actionable ideas.”

Stevie Schafer, Content Assistant at