Industry research (a.k.a. seeing what others in your industry are offering) is part of the process of validating your idea but it can easily turn into comparisonitis.

And comparisonitis is the worst.

It makes you doubt of yourself, your brilliance, and your idea.
It makes you mimic what others are doing without considering your strengths and genius.
It makes you procrastinate because ‘what bother?’
It makes you dim your light.
It makes you ignore your institution.

The list goes on, I’m going to stop it here because you get the point.

These are well-known side effects of comparisonitis, yet today I want to talk about a bigger problem comparisionitis brings into your business.

Watch today’s video and learn 3 ways comparisonitis is damaging your business big time, and what to do instead.

After watching the video, I want you to take a moment, grab your journal, disconnect from the internet all together, and write your ideas – what does your soul want? What work lights you up? What services do you want to put other? Who do you want to serve?

Then, honour it. Make any adjustments that you need to in order to align your business with your life’s purpose. You already know your idea is good, you already know your clients need your offers, you already know there is market for your services. It’s time to let your light shine.