Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and get real traction in your business?

You’re an action-taker and smart woman. Your business is your calling and you’re determined to make it work.

The problem is all you have right now is a bunch of strategies piling on your to-do-list with no real plan.

So, you spend more time lurking on Facebook than actively sharing your message, and you can’t stop comparing your business with your competitors’.

Sometimes you wonder if you’re ever going to make your business work…or if it’s time to return to a safe job in a cubicle.

Not so fast, my friend.

Your business is your calling. It’s what you were put on this earth to do.

So, giving up is not an option.

It’s time to make success happen in your business

Hi! I’m Denise Da Costa, a business and visibility coach for coaches and solopreneurs who want to create a business to do work that matters but they are stuck in analysis-paralysis and self-doubt.
Step by step I will show how to build an online service-based business aligned with your life’s purpose and put yourself out there with confidence. So, you can get your business off the ground and experience the success you deserve.

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My Entrepreneurship Journey

As with your entrepreneurship journey, mine isn’t a fairy tale or an overnight success story. Instead it’s a personal development journey, one with many ups and downs and as I keep learning and growing, my business keeps evolving, which is the best part of being an entrepreneur.

I’m an idea person, and I started my career path as a structural engineer. For many years I worked in the corporate world for industrial projects where I perfected my planning, productivity, team management, and problem-solving skills.

Despite the fact I was a successful engineer, I knew I was meant to do something different. I’ve always been a rebel and working in the corporate world felt too confining. I couldn’t express myself, and I craved creativity. The idea of starting my own business was growing on me but I didn’t know where to begin.

Life’s too short to do something that doesn’t rock your world.

In 2012 when I moved to Australia I decided engineering wasn’t the right career for me anymore. I made the leap and enrolled in an interior design course to change career path. This looked like the smart move to make. With my background in Structural Engineering and a diploma in Interior Design I could create a pretty cool new career for me.

Studying interior design was fascinating, but my engineer brain was craving that practical and down-to-earth approach of doing things. One day I “accidentally” discovered the professional organiser career while reading an article in the local newspaper and the idea ignited my inner entrepreneur.

I began the adventure to find my calling.

I started my entrepreneurship journey as a professional organiser helping busy women entrepreneurs organise their home-offices and be more productive. It felt like the perfect fit.

Once I decided to leave my very successful well-paid career behind and embark on this new adventure, the pressure was on. I had to make a living out of my new-found passion or go back to a normal job. The latter wasn’t exactly a thrilling option.

I was determined to make my business profitable but some days I was wondering if I would ever make it. Learning so many new skills felt both exciting and overwhelming.

Despite the pressure and the fears, I was committed to thriving. I learned the skills I needed and worked persistently to build my business. As my business was growing, I started getting requests from my clients and peers to “pick my brain” about their businesses’ challenges and how to implement strategies to take their business to the next level.

I found myself helping my clients nail their niche, package their services, confidently put themselves out there, and overcome fears. The sessions were great, clients were getting stunning results, and I realized I loved it way more than being an organizing and productivity coach.

Transitions are always messy and this was no exception.

With this new realization, I decided to combine everything I was helping my clients with within one business. The problem was that my message and target market weren’t clear therefore I wasn’t getting the results I expected and I was losing my mojo.

I kept hearing other entrepreneurs talking about zone of genius and narrowing your niche. I was feeling confused. What’s my zone of genius? I thought I was already doing that, so I wondered why my business was such a mess? Why was I losing my enthusiasm?

I took action! I decided to work with a coach to fast-track my success and create a coaching business aligned with my passion and values. I also dedicated my free time to learning all about building a business aligned with your zone of genius and how to overcome the fears and blocks that come with it.

I discovered my true zone of genius – help ex-corporate women build a business aligned with their life’s purpose and get the confidence to share their new career with the world.

Everything fell into place.

My background as a structural engineer prepared me for my entrepreneurship journey with the skills of: leadership, time management, problem-solving, project management and analytic thinking.

My first business as professional organizer taught me what’s required to run a successful business.

All of that mixed with my natural talents: practical, focused and action-oriented yet empathetic, a good listener and supportive. I found my sweet spot.

In July 2015, I closed my original business “The Creative Organiser” and launched my new coaching business, helping my clients nail their niche once and for all, create irresistible offers that sell, share their message, and overcome fears.

Soon after that, I enrolled in a coaching training and everything fell into place. I knew I was on the right path, it felt expansive and I started working on purpose.

But, the story doesn’t end here. Once I discovered my zone of genius and started working with clients, the real challenge began – I needed to stop playing small and own my zone of genius unapologetically.

The battle against shiny objects began

As a rebel, I don’t like to follow the trends or look like everyone else, and building my own business presented the perfect opportunity to fully express myself and be different. So, instead of focusing on my zone of genius (that wasn’t easy to find in the first place), I spent time, money and energy complicating things in the name of being unique.

I changed my message and offers many times. Although some ideas blossomed, many others flopped. I was constantly feeling I was back to square one, my clients base wasn’t growing, and what once was creative and exciting became exhausting and disheartening.

The worst part of this process was watching all the other entrepreneurs making it look so easy while I felt that it was so difficult. What could be wrong with me?

At this point, I already had the tools, experience and business strategies to make my business work. It wasn’t my lack of knowledge or determination that was in my way but fear.

I knew I had to overcome this fear and I had to act fast!

It was a journey, certainly not a smooth one. I had to work on my limiting beliefs and overcome some blocks. I studied the books, coached myself and worked with mentors to create a successful mindset and master my inner critic.

It totally paid off.

When I stepped up my game, focused on my zone of genius, owned my story, and started putting myself out there; I went from spinning my wheel to starting seeing results for my efforts.

Now, I’m committed to only do work that’s aligned with my zone of genius, and help women entrepreneurs do the same.

Owing your zone of genius is an act of courage

I’m not going to lie to you, the fear never goes away and shiny objects will keep showing up. The secret is to put servicing your clients front and centre. When you focus on that and leave your ego out of the equation, being in business has a totally different meaning and it becomes easier.

I believe…

I believe we’re here on this planet to use our talents to help others and the best way to do it is by building a service-based business aligned with your zone of genius.

I believe the better you do in your business the more abundance you create in the world and packaging your services will help you deliver transformational results to your clients while making money from your services without the burnout.

I believe it’s our responsibility to share our work and put ourselves out there so our clients can find us. Otherwise, they will end up hiring a less-than-ideal person, so hiding is actually doing a disservice to your clients.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping my clients build a business aligned with their life’s purpose and gain the confidence to be visible online so they can get out there and change lives doing what their love.

Until we meet.


formal bio

Denise Da Costa is a business and visibility coach for new coaches and solopreneurs who want to create a business to make a difference in the world but they’re stuck in analysis paralysis and self-doubt. She helps her clients transform their life’s purpose and experience into an online service-based business and gain the confidence to put themselves out there. So, they can make their calling their new career and change lives doing what they love.

formal education

  • Certificate IV in New Small Business. TAFE Queensland.
  • Diploma in Interior Design. The Interior Design Institute.
  • Master in Structures of Civil Engineering. Porto University. Engineering Faculty of Porto University.