Business Action Planner

The ultimate goals setting and business planner for BRAVE women
entrepreneurs ready to step up and design their business their way.

You had so many dreams when you started your business.

You thought that by now you’d be living the laptop lifestyle, lounging on a beach in Costa Rica and growing your online business with ease.

But instead of sipping on green juice between client calls or spending your afternoons doing yoga, you’re sitting in your home office feeling stressed, frazzled and overwhelmed.

Your shoulders are tense. You’ve put on weight. And there’s no exotic beach in sight. *sigh*.

The truth is, getting your business off the ground has been harder than you thought, and some days it feels more like an expensive hobby that’s eating you (and your savings) alive.

Maybe some of the following sound familiar?

  • You’re bursting with great business ideas, but you never actually implement them. Because…oooh! Bright shiny object.
  • You’re afraid to admit how much you’ve spent on courses and online programs that you never even got round to finishing. Oops.
  • You have a tendency to procrastinate instead of taking action. So while your house has never looked cleaner, your client roster is looking a little too empty for your liking.
  • You spend too much time on Facebook. In fact, it might be time to admit you have a little problem (just sayin’).
  • You’re busy all day, every day, but all that work isn’t translating into clients, money or results.

The worst part is, you see all the ‘A Players’ in your industry talking about easy breezy 5-figure weeks and 6-figure launches, leaving you feeling totally confused (and a tad envious).

Because even though you’ve got the same skills and experience, you’re lucky if you can pull-off a 4-figure month. What gives?

You’re starting to suspect there is a secret only few know about it.

Here is the secret:

Success comes when you put yourself out there in a bigger way. And no, I’m not saying you need to work more hours or plaster your face all over Facebook; I’m talking about having a plan of action to share your message with confidence.

It’s time to get your ‘A Game’ on…

And I’m here to help you!
That’s why I’ve created Business Action Planner, to help you design your business your way.

Inside this workbook you’ll find both mindset work and strategies to help you up level your game and start taking inspired action aligned with your values (hint: shiny objects won’t appear that shiny any more).

If you are ready to:

  • stop playing small.
  • set goals aligned with your values, and create a solid plan to thrive.
  • stop being the best kept secret in town and share your brilliant ideas with the world.
  • move forward with your business and create the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Then, this planner is for you!

The Business Action Planner was designed to help you:

  • Set your business goals in a smart way, so you have a clear direction to focus on and work towards. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to grow your business.
  • Create an action plan that is tailored to you and your business, so you can achieve your goals in an easy and fun way. Its all about working smarter not harder.
  • Get the confidence to share your message with the world and become known as a serious player in your industry.
  • Learn how to create content consistently, so you can connect with your potential clients and be seen as a leader in your industry.

This e-planner includes

  • 6 sections to help you to reflect, design, set goals and make a plan for your business.
  • Worksheets and plenty of space for brainstorming ideas.
  • 4 Action planners, so you can plan and track the 4 big goals you have for your business in the next 12 months.
  • A 12-month Blog Calendar.


  • $27
All sales are final. Note that this is an e-book. It was designed in black and white to make it printable friendly.

What others are saying about the Business Action Planner

head-shot-for-directory“I love how Denise’s Business Action Planner it’s like a goal setting and planner in one that actually includes the implementation part.

I like the detail it gets to by breaking ideas down into actionable steps. Plus there is a mix of good mindset (loved that!), ways to celebrate and planning on how to look after yourself when things don’t work out. So often we forget this and it’s so important to include it in our business planning!

I also loved the fun stuff, the “Your Rules” section, the blocking time for learning and the skill breakdown to work out which courses are needed!”

Sarah Zee – Transformational Coach |

All sales are final.
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About Denise Da Costa

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Hi! I’m a business strategist for talented women entrepreneurs who want to help others by sharing their expertise, but are feeling stuck and unsure which steps to take next.

I help my clients package their talents into irresistible offers and make a plan of action to put themselves out there with confidence. So, they can start being recognized as the experts they are, get more clients and grow their service-based business with ease.

You have too much to share, so no more hiding your awesomeness. It’s time to step up and put yourself out there with confidence.