The surprising truth behind procrastination

Have you ever thought why we tend to procrastinate on the things we know will help us move forward?

And I say we, because I’m not immune to this.

Its Friday (here in Australia) and I haven’t done the important things I know I need to get done, yet I’ve done plenty of other tasks that have been keeping me busy but not productive. Sounds familiar?

What about your week? I’m sure that you know what you need to do to achieve your business goals, how many of those tasks have you done this week?

I’m not judging, not at all. As I said, I’m on the same boat.

So why do we procrastinate? (more…)

You only need one client to get fully booked

You’ve done dozens of ideal client exercises just to get more and more frustrated. All of them tell you to focus on one ideal client and one only.

You resist the idea.

There are so many people you can help with your services, why limiting yourself to just one client?

You’ll leave out potential clients that you can definitely serve. So, you did all those exercises but you picked 4 ideal client profiles instead of one. You got excited to serve all these ladies and transform their lives.

You sat down and crafted your first offer, it’s perfect. You got out there and promoted it like crazy just to hit a wall, nobody is interested.

You *know* you can help all 4 ideal clients you chose. Why aren’t they lining up to work with you? (more…)

Should you change your offers or stick to them?

When it’s the right time to pivot? That’s the million dollar question.

When you start your business, you’re in experimenting mode so it’s OK to offer a variety of services. You haven’t yet figured out your zone of genius or who is your most ideal client, and only action will bring in the clarity you need to nail your offers.

If you’re starting out, keep trying different ideas.


If you know who is your most ideal client and you know your zone of genius, then you need to think twice before you create a new program or change your offers. Shiny object syndrome is real and it can ruin all the momentum you’ve been building the past 6-12 months, putting you back on square one.

It’s SO easy to want to please every prospect client you talk to and create a “customized” package for them, the problem is you’ll spend your time and energy pleasing less-than-ideal clients and in so you’ll turn away really good ideal clients who are a perfect fit for your programs. (more…)

The nº1 secret to make your marketing efforts pay off

You’re determined to make your business work. You’re doing all the right things: blogging, being active on Facebook groups where your ideal clients are hanging out, posting daily on Instagram, growing your list, etc. Despite all your efforts your client roster is looking too empty.

You know you’re good at what you do, you know you can help you clients. So, why don’t they line up to work with you?

You’re feeling confused, exhausted, and disheartened.

This whole thing of online marketing is harder than you thought, and some days you just want to give up.

Not so fast my friend.

You deserve to have a thriving business. If your marketing efforts aren’t paying off, it isn’t because you are bad or that your services aren’t needed, not all. It’s probably because your message isn’t resonating with your audience.

The problem with marketing your business is that if you don’t have a clear message, people won’t understand it, and if they don’t understand what you do, they won’t buy it.

The good news is that you can change that today and turn your marketing around to start attracting dream clients. (more…)

What to do when you’re feeling stuck

Feeling stuck is the worst. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know what feeling stuck really means. I bet that before your business, you thought you were stuck but nothing compared with being stuck in your business.

And it’s totally normal to get stuck on your entrepreneurship journey. You’re doing many things for the very time in your life and most of the time you have to make decisions alone. This combined with the pressure, the fears, and the overload of contradictory information; it’s the perfect recipe for stuckness.

Since we need to deal with this every now and then, what to do to get unstuck? Today I’m sharing with you my 5 steps process to help you get unstuck fast so you can keep moving forward towards your goals. (more…)