What makes an offer magnetic

What makes an offer magnetic

What makes some offers get so much attention and interest and others flop?​

It is frustrating, isn’t it? You followed all the rules, you did all the right things – you got clear on your niche, you conducted market research interviews, you even offered some free sessions to get real-life experience – yet when you put your first package out there all you heard was crickets. It’s heartbreaking because you know you can help your audience achieve incredible results. Why it seems like nobody is interested? It makes no sense.

What if I told you that creating offers doesn’t have to be that hard? The trick is to combine art and science and today I’m sharing with you 2 key components that will make your packages magnetic.

Implement this 2 tweaks and you’ll start hearing the sweet sound of getting PayPal notifications.


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3 Steps to create more abundance in your business

3 Steps to create more abundance in your business

I want to ask you a question? Why did you start you business? You can be totally honest here. Did you start your business to have more freedom, to take control over your schedule and set your working hours around your kids school hours? Maybe you started you business because you wanted to do something more creative, more fulfilling, but you’re feeling stressed and burnout.

Maybe you’re wondering if its even possible to create abundance and make more money without sacrificing your free time. Because in all honesty, you had more life/work balance back when you were working in the corporate world.

Chances are you’re working hard, really hard but focusing on the wrong activities. I get it, your to-do-list is a mile long and you may be thinking “Denise, what should I prioritize then to create more abundance?”

I have you covered, today I share 3 steps you can take right now to create more abundance in your business. (more…)



Industry research (a.k.a. seeing what others in your industry are offering) is part of the process of validating your idea but it can easily turn into comparisonitis.

And comparisonitis is the worst.

It makes you doubt of yourself, your brilliance, and your idea.
It makes you mimic what others are doing without considering your strengths and genius.
It makes you procrastinate because ‘what bother?’
It makes you dim your light.
It makes you ignore your institution.

The list goes on, I’m going to stop it here because you get the point.

These are well-known side effects of comparisonitis, yet today I want to talk about a bigger problem comparisionitis brings into your business.

Watch today’s video and learn 3 ways comparisonitis is damaging your business big time, and what to do instead. (more…)

Why you’re getting bad clients and what to do about it

Why you’re getting bad clients and what to do about it

Bad clients, we all have had them. You know what I’m talking about, clients who don’t value your services, ask for special deals, overdue their payments, and demand extras at no extra cost.

Getting bad clients isn’t completely inevitable, the problem is that for some strange reason you’re getting a bunch of them. It’s exhausting and you’re on the edge to burnout.

The reason why you’re getting all these bad clients isn’t because your dream clients don’t exist or aren’t interested in your services. The reason is simple: the energy you’re putting out there isn’t aligned with your goals.

And by the energy you’re putting out there I mean not just the vibes but also your communications, your marketing strategies, your offers, and your visibility plan. Chances are you’re too vague on your communications, shy on your marketing, have “nice” generic offers, and you’re probably hiding behind your computer all day.

The truth is, you aren’t giving an opportunity to your ideal clients to find you!

Let’s change that, shall we? (more…)

3 reasons why you need to do more market research interviews

3 reasons why you need to do more market research interviews

Are you creating offers based on what YOU think your clients will like/need/want? Or are you 95% sure your offers are a perfect fit for your clients?

One common mistake entrepreneurs make is to skip market research, either because they are new to business and the whole task feels overwhelming or because they have some experience and think they have enough data to create a new offer.

I get it, gaining the courage to put yourself out there and ask for help just to hear people saying they don’t like your idea can be heartbreaking.

But if you want your offers to get sold out, you need to talk to your ideal clients personally and find out what they want. So, you can create offers that are tailor made for them, therefore when you promote them, you get a “yes”

Need more reasons?

Today I want to give you 3 more reasons why you need to do market research every time you think about creating a new offer. (more…)