I lost my motivation and I don’t want it back

I lost my motivation and I don’t want it back

It’s a new financial year here in Australia and as I set my goals for the next 12 months I lost my motivation. I guess my big dreams scared it away. With motivation gone I started to procrastinate. Can you relate?

I was frustrated. I have big goals to achieve and without motivation I wasn’t having the energy to make it happen. I wanted my motivation back and I wanted it soon.

Then something unexpected happened: In my search for motivation I discovered I don’t want it back.

You may be thinking I went mad. I’m saying I want my motivation back but then that I don’t want it back.

There is logic behind this madness so bear with me. (more…)

Why you’re getting bad clients and what to do about it

Why you’re getting bad clients and what to do about it

Bad clients, we all have had them. You know what I’m talking about, clients who don’t value your services, ask for special deals, overdue their payments, and demand extras at no extra cost.

Getting bad clients isn’t completely inevitable, the problem is that for some strange reason you’re getting a bunch of them. It’s exhausting and you’re on the edge to burnout.

The reason why you’re getting all these bad clients isn’t because your dream clients don’t exist or aren’t interested in your services. The reason is simple: the energy you’re putting out there isn’t aligned with your goals.

And by the energy you’re putting out there I mean not just the vibes but also your communications, your marketing strategies, your offers, and your visibility plan. Chances are you’re too vague on your communications, shy on your marketing, have “nice” generic offers, and you’re probably hiding behind your computer all day.

The truth is, you aren’t giving an opportunity to your ideal clients to find you!

Let’s change that, shall we? (more…)

Why you shouldn’t wait to have a perfect package to start offering your services

Why you shouldn’t wait to have a perfect package to start offering your services

One crucial step to make your online business work is to package up your talents, so you can clearly express what you do and offer your services to potential clients.

Unfortunately many women solopreneurs get stuck in this process: How many sessions should you offer? How frequent? What to include? How to know if this is the perfect package for you and your clients so you get a yes?

Over-analysis takes place and you hold yourself back from promoting your services until you have the perfect package. So, instead of servicing clients, you’re spending hours and hours tweaking your website, changing your FB cover image and lurking on FB groups, waiting for inspiration to hit you with the perfect package. (more…)

The content you need to put out there

The content you need to put out there

Today is one of those days when inspiration shows up and I’ve spent the whole morning writing. I wrote 4 posts in a row then I realized I’ve been hoarding content. I know it sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. In the last 3 years I’ve written so many posts and ideas that I’ve never published.

And I apologize for that because those are articles will help you move your business forward. Keeping them on my computer isn’t helping anyone.

You may be thinking, so why haven’t you published them? (more…)

The surprising truth behind procrastination

Have you ever thought why we tend to procrastinate on the things we know will help us move forward?

And I say we, because I’m not immune to this.

Its Friday (here in Australia) and I haven’t done the important things I know I need to get done, yet I’ve done plenty of other tasks that have been keeping me busy but not productive. Sounds familiar?

What about your week? I’m sure that you know what you need to do to achieve your business goals, how many of those tasks have you done this week?

I’m not judging, not at all. As I said, I’m on the same boat.

So why do we procrastinate? (more…)

How to overcome fear of being famous

Fear of being famous is huge! Having to put yourself out there in the online world can feel like you are selling yourself. It could be very uncomfortable, specially is you are not part of the millennial generation and you didn’t grow up with this entire social media thing.

I totally get you.

Back in 2013 when I started my business I was freaked out about being too visible online and I had fear of being famous. Before I’d started my business I had no social media accounts, it was all too new and overwhelming.  I was worried about haters, online bullies, and having my personal life exposed to the world.

I was hiding and avoiding the “visibility” tasks as much as I could. It was safe, but I wasn’t making the impact I wanted to make.

Soon I realised that if I wanted my business to be online, and if I wanted it to work, I had to overcome this fear, fast! Not to be famous but to serve my clients; because if they can’t find me, I can’t help them. Simple.

It was a journey, certainly not a smooth one. I had to work on my limiting beliefs and overcome some blocks. I studied the books, coached myself and worked with a powerful mentor (Sarah Liddle) to create a successful mindset and master my inner critic.

It totally paid off.

When I embraced the social media and stepped up my game, I started to connect with amazing ladies, made new friends and got more clients (both local and international). I went from being freaked out about being too visible online to broadcasting regular Periscopes that people couldn’t stop talking about.

Now, I do Facebook Lives over my group, run webinars, make videos for my blog, have my own YouTube Channel (who could imagine it?), and I’m comfortable sharing my work online and offline.

If you too are serious about your business success, it is time to overcome this fear, and step into your power.

Today I want to share with you 5 ways that helped me put myself out there with confidence, so you can overcome this fear as well and start being more visible in your business. (more…)