What makes an offer magnetic

What makes an offer magnetic

What makes some offers get so much attention and interest and others flop?​

It is frustrating, isn’t it? You followed all the rules, you did all the right things – you got clear on your niche, you conducted market research interviews, you even offered some free sessions to get real-life experience – yet when you put your first package out there all you heard was crickets. It’s heartbreaking because you know you can help your audience achieve incredible results. Why it seems like nobody is interested? It makes no sense.

What if I told you that creating offers doesn’t have to be that hard? The trick is to combine art and science and today I’m sharing with you 2 key components that will make your packages magnetic.

Implement this 2 tweaks and you’ll start hearing the sweet sound of getting PayPal notifications.


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Why you shouldn’t wait to have a perfect package to start offering your services

Why you shouldn’t wait to have a perfect package to start offering your services

One crucial step to make your online business work is to package up your talents, so you can clearly express what you do and offer your services to potential clients.

Unfortunately many women solopreneurs get stuck in this process: How many sessions should you offer? How frequent? What to include? How to know if this is the perfect package for you and your clients so you get a yes?

Over-analysis takes place and you hold yourself back from promoting your services until you have the perfect package. So, instead of servicing clients, you’re spending hours and hours tweaking your website, changing your FB cover image and lurking on FB groups, waiting for inspiration to hit you with the perfect package. (more…)

How to Package Up Your Services to Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

How to Package Up Your Services to Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

The number one question I get asked by my clients is “Denise, how can I stop charging by the hour?”

When you finally launch your service-based business the easiest way to get started is to set an hourly rate. I know it because I did the same when I opened my first business as professional organiser.

Trading hours for dollar is easy BUT it isn’t sustainable in the long haul. Again, I know it because I’ve been there done that. It wasn’t until I learned how to package up my services that my business started to make profit.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs with a 1:1 service-based business get out of the treadmill of charging by the hour.

No matter if you’re a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, a professional organiser, or a coach. Any 1:1 service can and should be packaged.

People would be more likely to hire you if you present them a system, a step-by-step process, a compelling solution. This will show them that you know your stuff from the inside out because you’ve a system, your own system based on your experience.

Now, I won’t lie to you (I would never do that!) Creating your own system is something that takes time, practice and experience. It’s a personalized process I can’t cover in full on this post for practical reasons. In Magnetic Packages Formula we dedicate a whole week developing yours and I personally will guide you to make sure your system is perfect.

To help you get started with the process of developing your own signature system, here are some ideas and examples (clients names have been changed on the examples for privacy): (more…)