Creating powerful engaging content can be easy and joyful

I have a radical idea for you today: Content creation can be joyful, easy, and powerful.

Yes, you read it right. Creating powerful engaging content can be easy and joyful. They aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact the more joy and ease your bring into your content creation process, the more powerful your content will be.

However many of you have told me that you find creating content a hard task. I hear you. It used to be hard for me too.

So, I want to share how I create content these days with ease.

Before we get started there is one per-requisite: you need to be clear on your niche – message + soul client + offers. Once you have laid the foundations​ of your business, creating content is easy.

Here are the steps I follow every day to create content with alignment, flow, and ease

Step #1 Meditate

Spend some time in meditation, clear your mind so you’re open to receive ideas and messages from your highest self. When you’re busy being busy, your mind is busy too; and when your mind is talking all the time, you can’t hear your inner wisdom. So, in order to receive inspiring ideas, you need to shut up your monkey mind first.

Step #2 Ask

Now that you’re listening, ask this simple question: what does my audience need to hear from me today?
Don’t rush the answer – that’s your ego trying to find the ‘right’​ anwser. Instead stay in meditation with your notebook close to you for when inspiration hits you.

Step #3 Publish it

This is the step many of you skip. You start questioning if your idea is good enough, if your content is perfect, if it’s the right time to publish it, if it’s goes with your content plan, etc. Don’t let your inner critic be part of this process (or any process for that matter), as soon as you get the idea, publish it – write a post, jump live, send an email. Put it out there.

Your job is to share your message not to analyze it’s value. Here is the thing: some people will find it extremely valuable and others not valuable at all and everything in the middle. So, stop making your business to determine if your content is good. If you speak your truth, it’s perfect.

To your success,