Masterclass :: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Packaging Your Services


Are you charging by the hour?

Are you tired of getting less-than-ideal clients?…

…on even worse, not clients at all.

Let me share a secret with you: creating a bundle is not the same as packing your services.

Premium packages aren’t about letting your clients buy a bunch of hours from you, it is about selling a solution.

That’s why I created this masterclass. I share with you the 5 mistakes to avoid and what to do instead so your next package sells like hot cakes.

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On this masterclass you’ll learn

  • How packaging your services can revolutionize your business so you stop trading hours for dollars and finally start earning the income you deserve for your services.
  • The missing piece when creating packages, so your next package will be solid rock.
  • Why choosing a niche will help you go premium and attract more people.
  • The key to sell your packages like hot cakes.


option 2I’m Denise Da Costa, your no-nonsense business coach.

I work with brave women entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch perfectionism and own their awesomeness unapologetically.

I help them make their service-based business sustainable and a joy to run by getting crazy confident on their own talents, creating offers in their zone of genius and attracting dream clients that are a bliss to work with. So they can put themselves out there with confidence, help more people and experience the success they have been dreaming of.

The world needs you and your unique talents, so no more hiding your awesomeness. It’s time to step up and put yourself out there with confidence.

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