Free Training: Video Confidence

How to Be More Confident in Front of the Camera

If you’re ready to get your message out there on video but you’re terrified or don’t know where to start, this free training is for you!

On this training you’ll learn:

  • The trick to talk about your message with confidence. You won’t be nervous any more when you sit in front of the camera.
  • How to show up authentically without compromising your values.
  • A great way to boost your confidence and feel proud of your videos, as a consequence you’ll share them more.
  • How to get your content prepared for your videos, and discover which way works best for you.
Watch this free training today and get the confidence you need to start making amazing videos your audience will love.

“I recommend Denise’s training to any other coaches who are currently hiding behind their blogs and writing only. The tips are easy to remember, easy to understand and not too overwhelming that I couldn’t go out today and start practicing video for my business!

I just love her energy, and her training is better than many that I’ve downloaded. I feel so inspired to do my first video and think about ways to incorporate video into my content more regularly.”

Katelyn Denning, Coach for new moms returning to work at

“Denise’s training is very professional and organized well. It gave me action steps to do as a follow-up beyond just listening. I was glad that the worksheet helped me walk through ideas beyond the video tips. It gave me a chance to really think through what is important to me and my business and brand.

Denise has an easy way of talking and she is very approachable. I have been working on my brand and this training was good to be reminded that I need to carry that message through my videos as well.”

Sarah Shoop, Life Coach at

“This training is informative and results oriented. The content and style of presentation were helpful and easy to digest….and I have some action items to test out immediately.

Also, she reminded me that I don’t have to be dolled up or record in a stage set-up, and her tips to what to do when talking to the camera helped me feel more confident already. I loved the challenge at the end to post a video to the world!”

Margaret Gathunguri, Garden Coach at www.

About Denise Da Costa

I’m a no-nonsense business coach for talented women entrepreneurs, like you, who want to help others by sharing their expertise but are unsure which steps to take next. They’ve done many courses yet they’re spinning their wheels rather than growing their businesses. I help them get the confidence they need to put themselves out there with a clear message and irresistible offers.

With practical strategies and a big dose of mindset work, I’ll help you be recognized as the expert you are, attract dream clients and grow your service-based business with ease.