How to create a content plan

It’s time to think about your content in a more strategic way. Your content should lead people to a buying decision. Therefore it needs to be linked to your offers.

For example, if your services help people manage their time better, all your content (blog posts, Facebook lives, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, etc.) should be talking about time management. You don’t need to be selling your services in every single post, but the tips, stories, blog posts and inspirational quotes you share should be relevant. You don’t want to get people confused by talking about fashion. You want to be focused on your topic, this way people will start recognizing you as the time management girl (or whatever your topic is) so when you share about your offers it will make sense for them.

OK, now that we are on the same page, let’s talk about how you can create a content plan that allows you to be strategic and position you as the go-to-person in your industry.

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