I lost my motivation and I don’t want it back

It’s a new financial year here in Australia and as I set my goals for the next 12 months I lost my motivation. I guess my big dreams scared it away. With motivation gone I started to procrastinate. Can you relate?

I was frustrated. I have big goals to achieve and without motivation I wasn’t having the energy to make it happen. I wanted my motivation back and I wanted it soon.

Then something unexpected happened: In my search for motivation I discovered I don’t want it back.

You may be thinking I went mad. I’m saying I want my motivation back but then that I don’t want it back.

There is logic behind this madness so bear with me.

Here is the thing: motivation is great but it has push energy. You have to push yourself to do things and stay motivated. I don’t want to work from that energy anymore.

So, how can we get things done and achieve our goals if it’s no through self-motivation? Isn’t self-motivation a must-have-skill to be a successful entrepreneur?
I’m glad you ask.

And the answer is inspiration. Inspiration, opposite to motivation, is pull energy. When we are inspired we are in a state of openness, grace, and gratitude – we are open to receive and in so ideas flow our way. It’s that magic you experience when you’re working on a project you’re passionate about and time flies.

I much prefer to work from that energy.

The best part is that inspiration is always there available for us. When you connect and listen to your inner wisdom, you get access to unlimited inspiration. And when you take inspired-action, you achieve all your dreams with alignment, flow, and ease.

So, I don’t want motivation back. I want inspiration instead.

Here is what I’m doing to raise my vibrations every day and connect with inspiration:

  • EFT.
  • Listening to my favourite music.
  • Having enough sleep every night.
  • Going out and be in nature.
  • Journaling.
  • Praying.
  • Mediating.

What do you do to feel inspired?