Hi! I’m Denise Da Costa, a business strategist and success coach passionate about helping women entrepreneurs become wildly successful doing work they love.

I work with smart women entrepreneurs, like you, who are determined to grow their businesses but are unsure which steps to take next. They’ve done many courses yet they’re spinning their wheels getting nowhere and feeling like a fraud.

Step by step I’ll show you how to make success happen in your business quickly with a clear message, irresistible offers, and a strategic plan of action. So you can put yourself out there with confidence and start attracting dream clients who want what you’ve to offer.

What We Do Together

When we work together, you’ll:

  • Get clear on your message, who you serve and how you can transform their lives. This is the key to stand out and attract the right clients.
  • Create irresistible offers that your dream clients will LOVE (and pay for).
  • Start talking about what you do in a compelling way, so your message resonates with your ideal clients.
  • Overcome fears and start putting yourself out there with confidence.
  • Implement strategies that are aligned with your strengths so growing your business is actually fun. You start working on purpose and show up day in and day out without losing enthusiasm or burning out.

My Coaching Packages

I offer one-on-one coaching packages over Skype, which means we can work together no matter where you live in the world.

Clarity to Clients

An intensive coaching session designed for women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business with a powerful message that stands out.

Together we’ll change the course of your business for good. I’ll help you nail your message once and for all so you can articulate your value with confidence and start attracting dream clients who want what you have to offer and are ready to hire you.