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Go from vanilla message to owning your value and attracting dream clients

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You started your business to help as many people as you can through your work. You have a big why and you’re ready to make it happen.

You’re doing all the right things: blogging, posting on different social media platforms daily, you even got a newsletter service. Despite all your efforts, your client roster is too empty for your liking. What gives?

You’re frustrated. No matter how much you put yourself out there, it’s like your message isn’t resonating with people. You’ve joined so many Facebook groups, you lost count. You don’t know where to find your people or if there is someone interested in your services.

You check on your competitors’ websites to get inspired, but instead you get discouraged. You start thinking you’ll never be that good. You don’t want to admit it, but you’re a tad envious and start feeling like you’re falling behind. When will be your turn to experience that kind of success?

Marketing yourself seems like a daunting task and you aren’t sure if you’ll ever succeed at it. You’d rather avoid the task altogether and curl up on your couch with a blanket over your head.

You wish you knew how to articulate your value so clients come knock on your door every day.

You’re good at what you do and your clients get amazing results from working with you. It’s time to stop being the best kept secret in your industry and to start being recognised as the leader you know you can be.

You’re ready to amplify your online presence and start growing your tribe of raving fans. You dream of creating engaging content that your audience loves and shares.

You want your efforts to pay off, get fully booked and watch your bank balance grow.

You have a mission and you want your business to make a positive impact in your clients’ lives. You’re keen to build your know-like-trust factor faster so your audience knows what you’re all about, loves you and lines up to work with you.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve done dozens of ideal client exercises yet you don’t know what kind of clients you would like to work with or where to find them.
  • You’re afraid to narrow your niche. You don’t want to leave people out and lose business.
  • The overload of information is causing you more harm than good. Despite all the courses you’ve done, you’re still stuck. All you have is a bunch of tactics piling up your to-do-list but not real strategy on what exactly you need to do to get clients and grow your business.
  • You don’t know what else to do to put yourself out there and grab the attention of your clients.

Building your business doesn’t have to be that hard.

What you need is a powerful message to attract the right clients.

And I’m here to help you.

Hi! I’m Denise Da Costa, a business strategist and success coach on a mission to cut through the noise and help women entrepreneurs become wildly successful doing work they love.

I work with smart women entrepreneurs, like you, who are determined to grow their business but are unsure which which steps to take next. They’ve done many courses yet they’re spinning their wheels getting nowhere.

Step by Step I’ll show you how to make success happen in your business with a clear message, irresistible offers and a strategic plan of action. So you can put yourself out there with confidence and start attracting dream clients.

Introducing Clarity to CLients

An intensive coaching session designed for talented women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business with a powerful message that stands out.

Together we’ll change the course of your business for good. I’ll help you nail your message once and for all so you can articulate your value with confidence and start attracting dream clients who want what you have to offer and are ready to hire you.

After this game changing session, you’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on who you serve and how you can transform their lives. This is the key to stress-free sales and marketing.
  • Craft a powerful message that resonates with your ideal client. You’ll start growing your own audience of devoted fans who want what you have to offer.
  • Get unstuck! You’ll know exactly what you need to do next to grow your business. You’ll have a clear direction to focus on and work towards.
  • Have an action plan to confidently put yourself out there so you can be consistent, show up every day, and make the impact you want to create.

Most importantly, you’ll start creating momentum in your business and attracting the right clients.


  • 1 x 75-minute Strategy Session
  • Your Personalised Plan of Action
  • 1 x 30-minute Follow Up Session


  • US$197

Are you ready to own your value and attract dream clients?


“Denise helped me clarify my niche to attract the right people. I booked 5 free sessions in a week using only the summary we worked on together!

I recommend Denise’s program to business owners needing to get clear on exactly what they do in a way their clients will understand.”

Katie Wood, Visibility/business coach at

Rachel V

“I wanted to create a business that is a truly reflection of who I am, but I was very spastic in my working, I was confused on what to do next and I didn’t know how to take action.

I decided to work with Denise to gain clarity around my business idea, and as result I have been able to find my true passion and really work towards it. I’m no longer working in a frantic state. I’m much more relaxed and everything flows together so much better!

I totally recommend Denise’s program to any solopreneur because it’s so important to be able to take specific action instead of random action in order to further your business.

Denise knows her stuff and she is super helpful and awesome at what she does! She helped me get closer to my goals because she can break down the big goals into smaller ones so easily!”

Rachel Vdolek, Coach at

How it works

Step 1

Book Your Session – Click here to book your session. You’ll be redirected to my calendar to book your Strategy Session, agree with our T&C, and make your payment.

Step 2

Kick-Start Questionnaire – After you book your session, you’ll receive an e-mail with your kick-start questionnaire.

This questionnaire will help you get clear on your goals, the dreams you have for your business, and what’s holding you back. The questions are intended to begin the process of inquiry, reflection, learning, and forward movement.

Step 3

1 x 90-minute Strategy Session – We’ll meet over Skype for our private coaching session. We’ll define who is your ideal client, craft a powerful message that resonates with your audience, and define the 2-3 actions you can take immediately to gain traction.

Step 4

Time to Take Action – Within 24-48 hours after our coaching session, you’ll get your very own plan of action that’s tailored to you and your business. This plan will help you focus on the things that matter to get fully booked rather than spinning your wheels.

Over the next 2 weeks you’ll take action and implement the strategy we discussed on our coaching session. Follow the steps on your plan of action, and record any resistance that you may experience during these 2 weeks of bravery.

Step 5

1 x 30-minute Follow Up Session – Taking action will bring in more questions, and that’s why we’ll meet two weeks after our coaching session to answer any additional questions and ensure you’re on the path to success.

Read the testimonials from past clients about our work together

I now KNOW exactly how to run my business online, rather it just being a bunch of ideas that I “need to do”. It’s a huge confidence booster.

Before working with Denise I had no online presence and no plan for how to begin. I only knew all the work that needed to be done and I didn’t think I had enough content to follow through.

As a result of working with Denise, now I have a clear plan and a clear direction for the blogs I will write and the videos that will repurpose the content. That makes me feel amazingly good! It’s no longer just a mountain of work that needs to be done; I know exactly what I’ll do and how I’ll do it.

As an introvert, I really appreciated that Denise gave me the time to sort through my thoughts and helped me to come up with the answers for myself rather than giving me a canned “template”. That helped me realize I do have my own voice instead of feeling like I have to regurgitate what someone else is already doing.

I would recommend Denise’s program to entrepreneurs who want to have a greater online presence, know the things they need to do and the platforms they will use, but can’t see all the middle steps they need to take to reach the goal.”

Erica Lampley, Owner and Graphic Designer at

SWAPNA T“I have gathered more clarity about my offers.

Before working with Denise, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to do in my business. I had too many ideas but no strategy on how to organize them into bite size and actionable plans.

Denise helped me clear my mental clutter and helped me plan my offerings. I immediately felt like I was clearer and focused about how I needed to work.

Denise is really knowledgeable, focused and action-oriented. But at the same time she is chilled out, funny and easy to talk to. It feels like you are talking to your bestie while making some awesome business plans.

I absolutely recommend Denise’s program to solopreneurs who are struggling with mapping out their mental clutter into actionable plans and strategies. She is really good at taking bits and pieces of ideas and put them together into good looking plans.”

Swapna Thomas, Business Coach at

“I was looking for guidance and feedback on my business videos. I was filming videos occasionally and was not sure how good they were and if they were serving their purpose – give me more exposure and visibility.

Denise gave me a great and constructive feedback, helped me made my mind about next steps and provided me with a detailed action plan.

I would recommend hiring Denise if you need help with getting more visible, stop procrastinate and get a very needed friendly “push forward.”

She is knowledgeable, energetic and very positive. Every time you speak with her you got pumped up with her vibes and positive attitude.”

Rada Chalfin, personal style coach at

Are you ready to grow your business?