Your Magnetic Year

Online Workshop

Align your business with your soul’s calling. Take inspired action. Achieve your goals with flow and ease.

You started your business with many ideas and a big dream. You want to use your talents, experience and skills to serve others and in so create a successful online business that supports you and your family.

You jumped in with both feet and while you knew it was going to be hard you never thought it was going to be this hard.

Every January you set new goals, make plans, and promise yourself this is going to be your year, the year your business will skyrocket. Despite all your efforts, your business isn’t as successful as you know it can be.

You’re frustrated. You’ve been putting yourself out there every day yet nobody seems to listen. You feel like you need to have over 2,000 followers in order to succeed and only those with a ‘Kardashian status’ are the ones who can make it.

You’re overwhelmed by the endless marketing strategies. Between webinars, podcasts interviews, running your own Facebook group, Instagram stories, Facebook Lives, etc. you’re unsure which strategy will work for you and your business. You’re starting to wonder if all the hustle will pay off.

You wish you had a plan showing you exactly what you need to do to attract dream clients.

You’re ready to stop playing small. You’re good at what you do and you’re ready to step up, share your message with the world, and start growing your tribe of raving fans. You dream of creating authentic and engaging content that your audience loves and shares.

You’re keen to build your know-like-trust factor fast so your audience knows what you’re all about, loves you and lines up to work with you.

You want your marketing efforts to pay off, get fully booked, and watch your bank balance grow.

And, you want to achieve great success with alignment, ease and flow.

You’re tired of the hustle and all those fear-based marketing strategies that feel unaligned and itchy. You want to do marketing in a way that allows you to be yourself, to inspire and magnetise your audience.

It’s time to do business the magneticpreneur way…
…and I’m here to help you.


I’m Denise Da Costa, a visibility coach for women entrepreneurs ready to stop hiding their brilliance.

I help them overcome visibility blocks and implement marketing strategies aligned with their strengths. So, they can put themselves out there with confidence, magnetize their soul clients, and make the positive impact they crave to make in the world.

Success doesn’t happen by accident, it’s designed. And to design a successful business you need to be clear on your goals and the lifestyle you want to create for you and your family through your business.
One reason why so many online entrepreneurs are stuck is because they are building a business that creates a lifestyle they never wanted in the first place.
That’s why I’ve created this online workshop, to help you align your business with your calling, set goals to achieve your dreams, and make a plan to make it happen.

Your Magnetic Year Online Workshop will help you:

  • Get unstuck! You’ll know exactly what you need to do next to grow your business and attract dream clients.
  • Reflect on the past 12 months of your business, so you can get the clarity you need to move forward and set goals like a boss.
  • Define your business model. You’ll start playing to your strenghts and fall in love with your business again.
  • Set goals for every area of your business. You’ll have a clear direction to focus on and work towards.
  • Make a visibility plan, so you can be consistent, show up day in and day out without losing enthusiasm or burning out (hello being consistent without needing to be on Facebook 24/7).

This Online Workshop includes:

1 digital workbook with both mindset work and strategies to help you up level your game. I’ve designed this workbook with the step-by-step process you need to make a business plan for the next 12 months. It contains the steps, activities, and space for you to work on it.

5 Video trainings. Each video explains each chapter of the workbook so you’ll get a comprehensive class to help as you complete the workbook activities. You’ll get access to the videos until 30 Nov 2019.


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